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Electronic Watusi Boogaloo on Spotify
Dirty Patches on Soundklick
Dirty Patches on MySpace
Fareham University on MySpace
Babalu - Evil, Saint Jude, Biowire, Captain Carpet, Joe
The Eastney Droners & Phooptart (Soundcloud)
The Music Liberation Front - and another stories
Sleeping Flies on Spotify
Bob and I by Paddy Martin
Link is Build Your Own Children by The Eastney Droners on Soundcloud from The City Life EP
Immigrant Phooey Berlin 2004 (link is video to I Knew A Mink by We Smoke And Make Tapes on YouTube)
Photo @ The Bill Doss Studio Athens GA by Lars-Olof Johansson of The Cardigans (link is video to 1921 on YouTube)
Saint Jude and Michael Evil
The Ultra Wide Band on Spotify
Bob You Should Be Happy Your A Dog by We Smoke and Make Tapes / Heavenly Splendours
Chris and Mike by Brian Creek
A lot More Chris and Mike stories by Brian Creek
Jason Babalu / Biowire
Voss & Casino are Beatniks, Boppers n Acid Rockers
You're Smiling Now But We'll All Turn Into Demons

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